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Portrait Ashley Alchemist

" I specialize in supporting highly gifted leaders, visionary

entrepreneurs & business's to amplify their true potential of shifting the world from the Inside Out."

Explore more of your own genius and sensory system & creativity as a gateway to your most natural, satisfying & Evolutionary Life. 

Expressive Arts therapy allows you to easily regulate your nervous system, harmonize your energy centers, rewire behaviours that limit you & truly connect to your Heart's Mission.

The overarching benefit is the dawning of a powerful inner compass you can truly trust along your path. 


This practice is a unique blending of:

  • Neurosciences

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming,

  • Creative Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing

  • Art, Movement & Breathwork

  • Shamanic & Ancestral Wisdom

  • Ecosystem Design, Biomimicry

  • Aqua & Eco Therapy

  • Meditation

  • Quantum Physics

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Ashley Alchemist Portrait About Me


" My greatest teacher and inspiration is Nature herself. Everything I create & offer is based on the infinite beauty, genius, interconnectedness and love within Natural Ecosystems."

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I am a natural born artist / musician with over a decade of self-directed studies & certifications related to the creative human potential. Ive lived with Buddhist Monks in Thailand, spent the last decade creating community, restoring ecosystems through Permaculture, designing immersive wellness experiences & I steward a co-sharing Temple spaces for today's world. One can easily say I love thinking outside the box about new ways of being. I travel the road less travelled and live an amazingly rich life by following my Heart as my compass.


In my life's journey of being ultra sensitive, empathic and attuned to frequency fields - I went from very often feeling existentially uncomfortable in today's world - to embracing all that life has given me as an opportunity to contribute to what matters most to my Heart.


Over the last 5 years, I developed unique Expressive Arts Therapy practices that combine my studies in Neurosciences and Hypnosis with ancestral wisdom and the Arts. Everything I currently am & offer is the meaningful echo of truly seeing myself. A unique frequency of Love & Change in the world.

Now, it is my turn to offer that true seeing-of-self to you with full permission to live an Evolutionary Life.

- Ashley -

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Hero's Journey

1:1 Private Flow State Mentoring,

& personalized transmissions

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for your events, Festivals, Ceremony

& Retreats

Unique offerings for high vibrational collaborations & co-creations. Together we rise.

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 Spirit of Compassion

Donation based offerings

that build community,

love & resilience

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A very special shopping experience that supports 

beautiful causes.

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Creatrix Temple

Join our unique co-sharing Temple & rise into service with other amazing hearts.



Personal art, photography, dance & music projects

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" The role of the Artist is to make the revolution irresistible."
- Toni Cade Cambarayou -
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