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If you are on this page it means that you have said YES to journeying into the Heart of your own Truth!!! I am so excited for you and thank you!


What you do for yourself, you do for us all.


Ive created several payment options to make these offerings as accessible as possible to everyone who is hearing that inner voice wanting to be expressed. Choose the plan that best accommodates your situation and may the expansion begin! 



Introduction to

Vocal Channeling

Activating and healing your relationship to the throat chakra is a truly profound and life changing experience to offer one self. This is about so much more than just about singing, this is a journey into discovering yourself as one-of-a-kind frequency of Love in the world. Here you will dissolve conditioning, self-judgement and tap into an experience of ease and flow in simply being your authentic self and connecting to your own Truth.

Gas Burner

1 500$

This mentorship connects channeling from the voice into experimenting with instruments, movement and visual arts - guiding you into being able to creatively channel healing transmissions for yourself and others. Combining practices from multiple fields like quantum physics, nlp, hypnosis, universal symbolism, shamanism, yogic & buddhist traditions, the Gene Keys & expressive arts therapy, this is a 360 journey into the divine language of the Arts.

1:1 3 Month


Crystal Rock
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