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Welcome to a therapeutic deep dive into the Heart of Creativity

Free yourself from what hold's you back from enjoying the marvel that you are.

All these workshops are an invitation for you to explore & experience how the Universal language of Creativity is meant to help you heal. Elevating your quality of Life, inside and out.


“Art is an echo of the creative force that birthed the galaxies. Creativity is the way the Cosmos evolves and communicates with itself.


The Great Uplifting of Humanity beyond its self destruction, is the redemptive mission of Art.”


- Alex Grey -

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Journey Outline

Online and in person.

For groups, events, retreats or in 1:1 sessions. These practices can beautifully support any theme.

Can involve all of the 3 pillars of expression. 

Each pillar beautifully expands into the other.

The workshops are designed to dissolve fears, limiting beliefs, clear cellular memory. You'll experience creative & uplifting experiences of yourself that expand what you thought yourself capable of.


Journeys of self-discovery and acceptance that naturally shifts every area of your Life.


Held in a judgement free field of Witnessing.  

A dedicated time for people to nurture their own Truth.

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It is no secret that Sound & music has healing properties.

These Sound Journey push the traditional Sound Bath experience to a new level, integrating notions of neurosciences, hypnosis, sound healing and shamanic wisdom.

Experience a blend of sound samples recorded from different places in the world, live instruments and a uniquely diversified layering of vocal textures. This emotionally healing experience will take you on a musical journey into the center of your own Heart. 

Specifically channeled to allow the listener a safe space to simply feel, it enhances the nervous system's capacity to feel safe & relaxed when faced with big emotions, the Unexpected or the Unknown.

This is about so much more than singing. 


This is a journey into discovering yourself as vibration and learning to listen inwards.


The more you listen, the more you hear subtle harmonics that lead to the voice within you.


As your ability to listen & hear expands, so does your consciousness. As your voice expands, so does your ability to speak up for the Life that best honours your Heart.

Inner Voice Pics.png
Inner Voice Pics.png

We get to explore this human experience in one of THE most sophisticated technologies on this planet:


Our Bodies


Body Poetry is about giving your body permission to show you how she naturally harmonizes herself through movement & dance. 

Discover how movement helps us balance our emotions while deepening our appreciation for our body's wisdom. 


Art that creates positive change is fertile. It connects us us to the Symbols and Stories that all of humanity shares.

These collective art experiences teach us how to be socially vulnerable & feel safe. They invite you to go  beyond "imitation" and just explore creatively.

These art exercises can help map subconscious mythology and emotional processing style. Combined with deep inner listening and body wisdom, you'll ignite a powerful inner compass that will lead you valiantly through all your Greatest Life decisions.

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Working with Ashley has been such a life changer.

I got to experience timelessness during our sessions, immersed into my inner safety of pure being, releasing all thinking, planning, wondering. I see myself through a new lens now, as someone who HAS access to her voice and HAS permission to use her voice. A blessing indeed. Coming out of the sessions with you was like being born again.”  

- Alia, Psychotherapist - 

“Its so amazing. These sessions are so powerful, I am loving it. Ashley is so magical. Words can’t describe it. I am so grateful I found you Ashley and grateful I found myself too and that I will keep discovering myself. Thank you so much for your wisdom, your words, your knowledge, your sharing. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

”  - Fabiola, Medicine Woman, Sound Healer & Yoga Instructor

“Its been a journey to open my Heart and Soul to forgotten artistry that was once pieces of my younger self through openness to self with grace, patience and self-love. Lot’s of magic in journeying with Ashley. So much inspiration and serenity. One of my greatest gifts to myself this year was to cheers my self-expression with Ashley."

- Geraldine, Conscious Leader Mentor, Slowpreneur

“I have so much gratitude for you Ashley. I am so blessed to have crossed paths with you. Your love and presence helped me get through some of the lowest points in my life. I came to you with a shell of myself and you showed me the path back to my heart. You saw a gift in me that I wasn’t able to see in myself and you showed me how to express myself, something I had been desperately yearning for.”  

- Mani, Writer & Harmonic Mediator

So grateful Ashley to have had this space to share parts of myself that are so vulnerable and deep and that you see me for who I am. Now I really understand what my gifts are for and I am so grateful and honoured to do this work. The way you guide us through this is so flowy, in tune and inexplicable. Its been so powerful. I have never felt so comfortable with my own expression. Thank you”  

- Delphine, Sound Healer, Grief & Past Life Explorations

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