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Wild Heart,

Opale here, founder of the Opale Ocean Shop. Welcome to this community space where I share different surprises with you to sprinkle some sweetness along your journey. Thanks so much for connecting with this beautiful project. I cheer you on as you create a life for yourself that feels like a masterpiece!

This months gift to you is a recording of one of my live Sound Journey performances in which I create different soundscapes and do many styles of vocals made to bring up different feelings, sensations, visions and emotions. This a musical way to explore more of who you are. Listen with headphones, comfortably lying down somewhere quiet and see what is revealed to you. Enjoy!


Also this is my first therapeutic music album under my other artist name (Ashley Alchemist), also designed to bring you on inner explorations in very special way.

Golden Steel Plate


" The Nature of the individual spirit is one of Romance -

we humans are all really poets, pirates and lovers. The role of the Artist is to make evolution irrisistible..."  

Gene Key 43 - The Creative Rebel

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I am a Montreal based artist, musician and mad-scientist of love. 

I share my Love with the world through boundless imagination. Be it music, art, dance, vocal alchemy, creating community spaces, enchanting experiences, creative hypnotherapy, and now this epic line of wearable art, you can sense my profound romance for Life emanate through all I care to create.


My hope is to inspires a sense of blissed out freedom that comes from simply being your unique self. As a creative hypnotherapist, my creations are designed to be permission slips for you to take those epic leaps of faith required to follow your Hearts wildest dreams. 


As a passionate artistic freediver, my hope is to support Ocean conservation causes through profits from the shop so help me share about the project and wear your art pieces proudly!



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Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 6.13.11 PM.png
Golden Steel Plate_edited.jpg

Hero's Journey

1:1 Private Flow State Mentoring,

& personalized transmissions

Inner Ocean graphics

for your events, Festivals, Ceremony

& Retreats

Unique offerings for high vibrational collaborations & co-creations. Together we rise.

Offerings Elements

 Spirit of Compassion

Donation based offerings

that build community,

love & resilience


Online Store

Wearable Art for

the Wild at Heart.

Offering Elements

Opale space

An artful oasis to host your own events and celebrations.



Personal art, photography, dance & music projects

Heart Ecosystem


Join this sweet little monthly newsletter to receive 

news of my upcoming offerings, channeled gifts, special inner circle event invitations. Can't wait to connect with you soon xox

Welcome to the Heart Ecosystem darling, it is so nice to have you with us.

Rose Graphic
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