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This is a revival of the Sacred within our storytelling culture so we can share our offerings more powerfully.

The medicine we need is authentic connection.

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My Sacred Storytelling offering is about honoring the Heart mission of a place, person or service that aims to raise the collective vibration. As a naturally gifted multidisciplinary artist, I can offer the whole spectrum of services. From photography, videography, web design and promo materials :)


Everything is so amazingly beautiful to me...

Capturing that beauty has always been a passion of mine from an early age.

Everything I do as a creator is infused with wisdom from the various fields I have studied over

the last 2 decades, bringing a great deal of intention and depth to my Storytelling skills.


Myself being a creative freelancer / entrepreneur since the age of 17, I have been creating my own promotional material for a looong time! It is second nature to me quite frankly.

I only offer this service to people, business's and projects who's missions and stories genuinely move me.


The beauty of working exclusively out of inspiration is that I enter a flow state in which channeled creativity is in abundance, magnetizing that abundance right back to those my heart is called to serve.


This is my way of making the digital world a better place full of love and authenticity *wink

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Sacred Fire website
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Rates & Packages
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I'd love to know more about you or your organization.


Tell me about how sacred storytelling can support you in reaching your goals?


What do you deeply care about sharing with the world? 

Let's connect:


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