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Did you know your vocal chords are specifically & uniquely designed to soothe & heal you? No two people have the same vocal chord design.


You may also think, "Well I cant sing!" 

I assure you that you can. Just as any instrument can be tuned, so can your voice.  

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This mentorship is for singers and non-singers alike who want to:


  • Break free from all preconceived notions of what a "beautiful voice" should sound like

  • Innerstanding the voice as a powerfully healing frequency for yourself and others.

  • Exploring the complexity & diversity of your vibrational vocal range.

  • Learn how to channel, in the moment, sound transmissions that carry deep medicine.

  • Experiment with different sacred instruments to discover which ones are in resonance with your transmission.

  • Experience yourself more fully as frequency

  • Deconstruct limiting identity beliefs.

  • Learn to vocally harmonize energy fields 

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The voice is also the most direct gateway to our authentic expression. We are born with the unique voice we have and we cannot change it. If you are nervous, happy, sad, it can all be felt so clearly in the vibration of your voice. It is one of the most honest and powerful of all our medicine expression gifts. This is precisely why it can be so scary to truly open our throat chakra. 

Traditional singing class's will teach you how to sound like a "singer". This vocal alchemy mentorship is about showing you the exquisite power of sounding like YOU. Unearthing your own

unique authentic sound.

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Open to everyone, offered outdoors, at the Creatrix Temple and online. Collective vocal meditation practice. Suggested donation: 25$

Community Offering
Donation Based



Healing the Throat Chakra through Vocal Channeling

Activating and healing your relationship to the throat chakra is a truly profound and life changing experience to offer one self. This is about so much more than just about singing, this is a journey into discovering yourself as one-of-a-kind frequency of Love in the world. Here you will dissolve conditioning, self-judgement and tap into an experience of ease and flow in simply being your authentic self and connecting to your own Truth. Package includes 4x2h sessions, personalized exercises & hypnosis.


3 000$

1:1 Mentorship 

3 Month  

Same as the intro offering in a uniquely therapeutic ongoing process of emerging from your chrysalis into the masterpiece of light that you are. On top of awakening your Throat Chakra wisdom, you'll be supported through the emotional ups and down that comes with unearthing your authentic channel, we will map out what type of empath you are, what practices are most supportive for you to self-harmonize and creatively channel healing transmissions for yourself and others. This journey with your voice will ripple out into every sphere of your life.

Throat chakra.png
Throat chakra.png


Throat Chakra Reconnection

Connect to your throat chakra wisdom  in this self-guided online course. These foundational teaching will allow you to unearth the unique signature of your own voice and truth. Over 3 hours of lessons + bonus meditations + practice tracks.

Coming Soon!

Next offerings starting Spring 2024 

Email with title Vocal Meditation to join:


There was a time

Oh there was a time

When I was too afraid

To show up as my authentic expression

I was plagued with the wound of rejection

Plagued with only seeing imperfection

All the judgements on who I should be

Made me fall out of love with me

I was too afraid to Shine

Too afraid of what was inherently mine to claim, under all that personal shame

I could feel in myself, all the times I was burnt to the ground for speaking my truth, for being the Truth

Then suddenly

I started to remember

that I am All that Is

I am All that Is

Oh I am

the sky and the trees

and the winds and the Earth

and the stars and the seas

And they're all beautiful

I am beautiful

I remembered how free it feels to be Me

Can you remember how free it feels to be You?

I am you, you are me

And together we set the world Free

Oh we're Free

Awaken Now

Awaken Now

Awaken Now


Ashley xox

Throat chakra.png
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